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The user groups of the Northeast, from the states of CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, and VT collaborate to host a yearly IBM Power Systems technical conference in Framingham, MA.


These user groups devote many volunteer hours to present a conference that offers a wide array of speakers and subject matter for the Power systems community. In addition, we pride ourselves on providing a conference that is valuable and affordable for its attendees.


Each conference is held in early spring and consists of 50 to 60 sessions, expert speakers (from both IBM and the POWER systems community), hundreds of attendees, and over 20 vendor sponsors. The conference covers a variety of technical subjects and may include seminars, workshops, and hands-on labs.


The NEUGC organization is dedicated to helping its members and the Power Systems community meet the challenge of change in a fast-moving technology age.

The User Groups of the Northeast User Groups Conference are:


FASUG        Fairfield AS/400 Users Group

NEMUG       The New England Midrange Users Group
NHMUG       New Hampshire Midrange User Group



Note: For individual User Group contact information please refer to the Volunteers link.

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